Hong L. Net

Lynn City Councilor-At-Large

Integrity · Commitment · Action


As your Councilor-at-Large, I will continue my commitment to advocate for the allocation of more city resources to help support our vital services such as:

Public Safety

I will countinue to partner with the Lynn Police Department to bring awareness of public safety concerns to our residents. I will support the LPD's efforts to enhance the Drug Task Force and tackle the amount of opiates coming into the city and reduce overdoses. I remain committed to promoting neighborhood policing including foot patrols and neighborhood watch groups, cross-cultural communication training for interested police officers. I will also advocate for more opportunities for youth including jobs and after school programs, and to bring back a permanent school resource officer program. In addition, I will advocate for the allocation of Chapter 90 funding to continue improving of our roads. 

Public Education

As Lynn teachers are preparing our students to meet the demands of the highly skilled workfoce, I will continue to work with our school committee members and school administrators to prioritize funding for our schools. I will also work with community members to find new strategies to engage parents and students by creating a voluntary bilingual parents task force to raise children, which includes arts and recreational programs.

Local Economy

We must nurture the city's business environment to help new entrepreneurs get started and to improve on the health and prosperity of existing businesses. I will continue to work directly with Lynn's business community to stengthen our city's economy. I organized the Lynn's first business forum discussing the availability of low interest loans and free legal assistance. I helped restaurants open new locations in downtown such as Manito's Place and R.F. O'Sullivan's. I remain committed to promoting a positive public image of our city is critical to improving business opportunities here.

Unity and Inclusion

As chairman of the Government Administration Committee which oversees financial audits, department reorganizations, and city communications, I brought all cab companies to work out a deal for everyone to have a fair share of the city's taxi medallions. One of the first tasks of the committee was to work with the directors of the Lynn Inspectional Services Department, the City Assessing Department, and the City Law Department to eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency. I initiated a community meeting with the Lynn Department of Public Works and residents addressing the city's newest trash and recycling ordinance and also was a key contributor to the annual community fair that attracts thousands of visitors to the Lynn Commons to celebrate diverse cultural heritages. I also hold regular meetings with the Mass Senior Action Council and other senior residents throughout the city to ensure their concerns remain a high priority for city officials. I remain dedicated to continue ensuring that every perspective in our diverse city feels dignified and inclusive, and has opportunities to be part of our municipal decisions and policymaking.