Hong L. Net

for State Representative

Integrity · Commitment · Action


As your State Representative, I will bring my knowledge and experience with me as an elected official, community organizer, and a new business owner to advocate for resources to help support our vital services for the 11th Essex District such as:


After speaking with the chiefs of Lynn and Nahant, I have made it my top priority to obtain funds to sustain the needed numbers of Lynn police officers and equipment, additional fire fighters and fire trucks, and the expansion of Nahant's fire station. I will continue to advocate for more resources to reduce overdoses and to keeping illicit drugs off our streets.


After meeting with senior citizens throughout the district, they've helped me be more aware of the hardships many of our residents face. I strongly support the current state healthcare reform bill, including the committee's provisions to protect coverage for preexisting conditions without major insurance premium increases. Furthermore, I back the state's efforts to control the cost of medications and to keep copays reasonable.

I will be a strong advocate for continued funding for nonprofit organizations that help improve the quality of life for all our residents.

I will work with organizations, such as the Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development and the Department of Veterans's Services, to ensure that our vets have adequate access to housing and healthcare.


From my discussions with various representatives of charter and public schools, it's evident that they do want to work together for the benefit of our students. I will continue to work with educators to find funding for programs such as STEM, Robotics, and the Arts. This will give our high school graduates a competitive edge in the 21st century work force while encouraging the growth of highly skilled jobs.


I will push for Government Infrastructure upgrades on the Waterfront Project, e.g. a viable flood drainage plan, reinforcements for the seawall, and the possibility of manmade breakers. These actions to alleviate flooding risk will make the waterfront more attractive to developers and investors.

In order to link the waterfront to Boston and to Lynn's arts & culture district, I will find long-term funding for the ferry and for additional pedestrian overpasses on the Lynnway.

Infrastructure updates will lead to true development of the waterfront. Lynn needs a hotel on its waterfront to host visitors and tourists, and additional pedestrian overpass on the Lynnway to connect the waterfront to the rest of the city and to attract businesses for further development without restricting the flow of traffic.

I will fight for more funds to improve our roads and bridges in the 11th district and addressing flood issues in several wards of Lynn and neighborhoods of Nahant. I also will work to build on the heritage of Lynn and Nahant by getting more state funding to improve the historic and art districts.


Have worked with a human rights organization through the United Nations and authored the ordinance creating Lynn Human Rights Commission in 2012, I will continue to meet with community groups or agencies that have already tackled this issue.

I will continue to meet with our representatives in Congress and make recommendations of supporting our new residents here, and avoid creating new hardships by breaking up families.