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Lynn City Councilor-At-Large

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A message from Hong

Dear Friends,

During my last three terms as Lynn’s Councilor-at-Large, I’ve had the honor of addressing a wide variety of individual concerns of residents throughout the whole city. In addition, my colleagues and I have tackled tough policy and budgeting decisions for the benefit of all our residents.

I am currently employed by the Commonwealth as a Child Support Enforcement Specialist providing help for over 20 years securing economic assistance for children and families of Massachusetts. I am also proud to be a partner of a new business on the Lynnway providing daily healthcare, counseling, and wraparound services to seniors and disabled residents throughout the North Shore. As a Councilor-at-Large, I have been able to help grow the city’s economy and strengthen local businesses. Now that I have this first-hand experience of starting a new business I fully understand some of the struggles and red tape that entrepreneurs could face when opening new businesses in our district.

As your Councilor-at-Large, I will continue to be passionate about empowering people to step up and get involved in the civic and political processes. I will continue to ensure the prosperity and safety of our district by advocating for adequate funding of public education, affordable housing, healthcare cost controls, job creation, business development, public safety, and responsible gun control measures. I am also committed to fighting for resources to combat drug trafficking and programs to successfully treat addictions. I believe that the government serves us best when the policies we make accurately represent the needs and concerns of all our residents within our district.

I will continue to be partnered with community representatives, business partners, and health officials throughout our district to ensure the best possible solutions. I respectfully ask for your support, your advice, and prayers as I set out on building for what is ahead.

Sincerely yours, 

Hong L. Net